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Value-Based Healthcare

Strategies and expert discussion on the journey to financial success in a value-based care environment.

Given the challenges and high financial stakes of transitioning to patient-centric, value-based healthcare and reimbursements, execution has never been more important for all healthcare organizations.

To rise to the occasion and drive success, organizations must integrate their adoption of new value-based practices, standards, methodologies and mandates with careful financial planning, budgeting and collaboration, and technology that supports data management and analysis.

For those organizations wondering what your next move should be to reach the value mandate, we invite you to explore the resources on this page.

From strategies to technology, these resources can help you accelerate your progress on building a healthy business, connecting and coordinating care, and continuously improving outcomes and managing risk in the value-based healthcare environment. Among the resources, you’ll find perspectives and discussions with value-based healthcare and reimbursement experts across key segments of our industry.

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Hot Topics in Value-Based Healthcare

Financial Health on the Journey to Value-Based Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are focused on patient care and health outcomes, but financial well-being is equally important for organizations to continue to provide the highest quality care. The importance of financial health can’t be overlooked on the road to value-based healthcare.

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Healthcare Interoperability

From transactions to connections, person-centered interoperability is essential to our industry’s health reform transformation because access to current and accurate data is key to driving success in value-based healthcare arrangements.

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