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Revenue Cycle Management

Strategies and expert discussion on the journey to financial success

Like most organizations, one of your primary goals is to optimize revenue cycle and reimbursement for greater profitability, and gain operational efficiency for higher quality patient care. To achieve that, you’re likely trying to solve the perennial problems of denials and delayed reimbursements.

With the right approach you can improve data accuracy at patient registration, manage the pre- authorization process, bring clarity to patients about what they owe and when it’s due and provide a simple, convenient way to pay anytime and anywhere.

To help you identify and harness opportunities that exist for your organization, we invite you to explore these resources, featuring perspectives and discussions with healthcare financial experts across key segments of our industry.

We have also identified six vital priorities that can help optimize your revenue cycle and help put your organization on the right track for success. View the infographic below for a visual summary.

Chronic Care Management Calculator
Infographic: 6 Priorities
Whitepaper: Ten Steps to Reduce Denials, Win More Appeals, and Improve Hospital Performance
Infographic: Interoperability Maturity Model Stages