Integrated, Collaborative Radiology Workflow for Better Patient Care

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The transition to value-based care is pushing radiology beyond its traditional borders, and success in this new model is measured in better patient outcomes. To succeed, radiologists and their hospital and referring community colleagues need broad access to both data and images.

A more integrated, collaborative radiology workflow can connect both systems and people, which helps provide much-needed context for better patient care. Here are four characteristics of an integrated, value-based radiology workflow:

  • Making the connection between Images and the EHR
  • Viewing software as part of the ecosystem
  • Removing barriers to communication with interoperability
  • Using intelligent imaging and workflow management
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Workflow and infrastructure expert Tomer Levy of McKesson Imaging & Workflow Solutions expands on these four elements in his recent post “4 Must-have Elements of Radiology Workflow in a Value-Based World.” View full post here.