Accelerate Your Progress: Proactive Use of Data & Analytics to Improve Outcomes and Costs

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Can you really make the switch from reactive to proactive in daily operational functions? Health systems implementing an integrated capacity management strategy can do just that because this approach aligns your organization to focus on contemporary problems such as correlating outcomes and cost.

Integrated capacity management drives better resource allocation, helping your organization improve operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, improve quality outcomes and, ultimately, improve margins.  By enabling decisions based on actionable intelligence, predictive analytics allows you to right-size for demand to drive staff satisfaction and top of license practice and to rally staff and leadership to the same goals.

In fact, in my experience working with customers like Atlantic Health System’s Overlook Hospital, we’ve seen integrated capacity management achieve the intended outcomes – helping to reduce labor costs, length of stay and hospital-acquired conditions – as well as cultural change across the organization. There are three key challenges an integrated capacity management strategy can help your organization address:

  • Sluggish throughput can be resolved by creating a transparent view of the patient journey that can be followed and updated by all staff members.
  • Unempowered staff members are empowered with tools to quickly identify and act upon patient flow backups, including bringing in additional staff to fill open shifts.
  • Resource utilization inefficiency is improved through predictive analytics that facilitate more accurate alignment of predicted patient census and acuity to staff scheduling and physical resource utilization.

Intelligently using and sharing data in a proactive manner helps you accelerate your ability to achieve the highest quality outcomes for patients while simultaneously reducing labor costs.

Watch the recording of our recent webinar, Using Predictive Analytics to Align Staffing and Patient Demand, to hear how Chief Nurse Executive MaryPat Sullivan has successfully aligned staffing and patient demand using an integrated capacity management strategy.

About Billie Whitehurst

Billie Whitehurst

Billie Whitehurst, MS, RN, is vice president of Capacity Management for McKesson Connected Care and Analytics, where she leads efforts to help providers achieve sustainable operating improvements by enabling a proactive approach to workforce and capacity planning. She also oversees McKesson’s Extended Care Solutions Group, which offers clinical and agency management solutions for home health and hospice providers.