The Results Are In! Experts Share Top 5 Areas for Healthcare
Margin Improvement

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With healthcare organizations under increasing pressure to bolster their bottom lines while improving quality, access and outcomes, we asked 19 healthcare and financial experts from around the nation to weigh in with what they see as the greatest opportunities for margin improvement.

Their expertise ranged from hospital and health systems to pharmacy financial management, uncovering diverse insights that can be categorized within five key areas:


We’ve compiled their insights into a helpful e-book, as well as a easy-to-share infographic. Below we offer a taste of what you’ll find in both pieces.

1. Revenue Cycle Management

read-nowView expert insights from contributors Bess Ann Bredemeyer and David Dyke on how RCM can be optimized for margin improvement.



2. Operational Efficiency and Overhead Costs

read-nowView expert insights from contributors Andrei Gonzales, Chinue Uecker, Karl Wolf, Billie Whitehurst, Rob Saunders, Jo-Anne Brown, Christopher Kerns and Tim Wright to learn how focusing on operational efficiency and overhead costs can lead to margin improvements.



3. Embracing the Shift from Volume to Value

read-nowView expert insights from contributors Emily Dulong and Suzanne Travis, on why embracing the shift to value-based reimbursement will propel margin improvements.



4. Integrated Efforts and Collaboration

read-nowView expert insights from contributors Jack Hill, Jeff Akers, Chuck Alsdurf and Susan Horras on how integrated efforts and increased collaboration can pave the way towards margin improvement.



5. Leveraging Data and Technology

read-nowView expert insights from contributors David Chou and Sally Connally on how leveraging data and health IT can help to improve profit margins.







Check out our Healthcare Financial Management page to view and share the full infographic. To see individual insights from the experts, view our free e-book today.