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Healthcare Financial Management

Strategies and expert discussion on the journey to financial success for healthcare providers, payers and pharmacies.

As the healthcare industry continues to undergo major shifts in how quality care is delivered, measured and valued, many healthcare organizations feel uncertain about what the future may hold.

While we're often told that the only constant in life is change, as pressure mounts for healthcare organizations to improve quality, access and outcomes—another emerges:

To thrive and survive, effective and efficient financial management is key.

From tackling operational efficiency to cost accounting to embracing alternative payment models, hospitals and health systems, payers and pharmacies all have a myriad of opportunities to enhance their financial viability and, ultimately, improve margins.

To help you identify and harness opportunities that exist for your organization, we invite you to explore these resources, featuring perspectives and discussions with healthcare financial experts across key segments of our industry.

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Hot Topics in Financial Management

In conversations centering around financial management in the healthcare industry, several related topics are also relevant:


As part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Shared Savings Program, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers now have the opportunity to work together to coordinate better care through Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

While ACOs challenge the traditional paradigm of how organizations achieve financial success, many early adopters are finding that they are able to deliver better care and improve outcomes, and do so at reduced costs.

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Revenue Cycle Management

As healthcare organizations are dealing with financial pressures, the revenue cycle continues to be a focus for change. From patient access to billing, the revenue cycle is full of opportunity for greater efficiencies and savings.

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Pricing Transparency

Healthcare organizations aren’t the only ones feeling the effects of industry changes. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, patients are now taking on an active consumer role in their health. As a result, patients must have meaningful and transparent pricing information in order to make financial decisions.

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