Focus Ahead: A Close Look at a Future State

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Predicting the future of healthcare and the IT solutions that accompany it is an ambitious undertaking. Still, the idea that better care and connectivity can also translate to better business health is possible. For example, when we look at the power of interconnected systems, it’s easy to see where technology will take us. Care coordination and quality outcomes will take a giant leap forward when every type of provider (hospitals, home care agencies, primary care physicians, etc.) can seamlessly circulate up-to-date medical records and patients access their records, get health education online and actively participate in their treatment.

Similarly, when providers can use patient clinical and financial data to segment their community and apply appropriate health management interventions to each population they serve, new payment models begin to make sense and become manageable. And for years, we’ve talked about the blurring of lines between payers and providers. Today it’s really happening as organizations of all types consider how best to position and partner for the future. In less than a decade, we expect a healthcare landscape of accountability for care that is coordinated, delivered and paid for in the most clinically appropriate and financially viable setting.

This blog is designed to keep you informed of McKesson’s view of how healthcare IT solutions can help you deliver better care at a lower cost, improve connections across the healthcare ecosystem for better care coordination, and manage complex payment models as you take steps toward risk assumption and value-based reimbursement. These tenets are the cornerstone of our Focus Ahead  strategy, which is a blueprint for adapting to healthcare reform and evolving market dynamics.

As part of this strategy, we have identified four competencies or Critical Success Factors that we believe are fundamental for any organization – provider and payer –  to remain viable and successful now and as we march toward 2020 and beyond.

These Critical Success Factors are:

  • Optimizing clinical, financial and operational performance
  • Connecting and coordinating care across settings and stakeholders
  • Navigating new payments models
  • Managing technology assets to provide a foundation for growth

The topics we’ll cover will address one or more of these Critical Success Factors. Some posts will focus on current healthcare IT solutions and methods healthcare organizations are using successfully, and some will tackle more future-looking topics. We’ll also keep you up-to-date on industry news that’s relevant to the ideas behind Focus Ahead.

We welcome your feedback in the comment section. Let us know how your organization imagines the future of healthcare and what you’re doing to prepare. And feel free to suggest topics for posts — our aim is to dive into the subjects that matter most to you.

Visit the Focus Ahead web site for details on the Critical Success Factors, along with white papers, e-books, videos and other offers  exploring the future state of healthcare.

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