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Regardless of market segment, the efficient and effective healthcare IT management of your core operations is more important than ever. We’re talking about the fundamental blocking and tackling that supports your business.

Margin pressures are affecting all of our customers – and as a result, there are ongoing discussions about how to reduce costs and improve profitability. It’s no longer acceptable to manage any part of the business at a loss.

We’ve been in the business of providing technology and services to manage core operations for hospitals, physician networks and health plans for decades and have an exceptional track record of producing quantifiable results.

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Pat Blake, Executive Vice President and Group President, McKesson Corporation

Visibility to Value-based Health: Four Ways to Put Your Organization on a Faster Track

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This week celebrates National Health Information Technology (HIT) Week, and it’s prompted me to take stock of how far our industry has come. Just two years ago, industry experts were unclear how quickly and extensively providers and health plans were adopting value-based approaches. A 2014 national study on value-based reimbursement conducted by ORC International and commissioned by McKesson first revealed that 90% of payers and 81% of providers already had some value-based contracts in place.

Billie Whitehurst

5 Reasons Traditional Approaches to Reducing Your Operating Costs Aren’t Enough

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“No margin, no mission.” It’s long been the rallying cry of healthcare leaders who understand that they cannot serve the needs of their communities and patients without at the same time ensuring that their organizations are financially sound. However, a recent study published in Health Affairs found that 55% of for-profit and not-for-profit acute-care hospitals were not profitable.