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About David Dyke

In his role as vice president of product management and business development for McKesson’s RelayHealth Financial, David Dyke applies expertise gained over more than 18 years of experience across many areas of the healthcare revenue cycle and receivables management. He is passionate about helping hospitals, practices and specialty providers realize their financial potential while boosting patient satisfaction. He has architected and managed many of the company’s web-based revenue cycle solutions, which continue to empower health systems across the country.





Far too many providers are suffering a disruptive one-two punch to their bottom line. The first hit is the cost of an electronic health record (EHR)/electronic medical record (EMR) transition, which can run into the hundreds of millions to over $1 billion for a large provider network. The second hit is to the revenue cycle, with millions in revenue lost or delayed because the EMR transition plan didn’t treat clinical and financial systems as inseparable.