97% of surveyed organizations agree that using an analytics-driven claims management solution is effective in helping them transition to value-based care

Video: Why an Analytics-driven Revenue Cycle is a Must for Your Financial Viability

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quotation marksA poor patient financial experience is just as harmful to organizations and providers as a poor clinical experience.quotation marks

As healthcare organizations face increasingly complex reimbursement in the move from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement, maintaining financial viability really is job one. The refrain in our industry is all-too-common: “No margins, no mission.” In other words, if you can’t make your numbers, you can’t keep your doors open.

As such, organizations are increasingly looking to analytics tools to improve front-end and back-end processes in the revenue cycle. Analytics fuel better decisions at each step in the revenue cycle, which can not only lead to better cash flow for the health system but also to a better financial experience for the patient.

Watch these videos from two McKesson financial experts as they discuss how using data and data analysis in the revenue cycle helps improve overall financial management success.

Marcy Tatsch
Vice President and General Manager
Provider Reimbursement Solutions

Ron Iller
Director of Product Management
Healthcare Analytics

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